10/14-15 Dances of Universal Peace ENGLISH Ad (世界平和の踊り )

English speakers welcome!
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We are hosting the first Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) retreat in Japan, facilitated by Arjun from Colombia, at the Peace and Permaculture Dojo in Chiba prefecture. This will be facilitated in English with Japanese translation event.

The Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) is a very simple practice, suitable for all people and at the same time very special, because in circles we relate and harmonize intimately: we shake hands, we share looks, we listen and we sing. The dances set scriptures and sacred phrases from various spiritual traditions to music and movement of the world.

It can be a powerful and transformative practice, dissolving our illusion of separation, and invoking an embodied sense of unity, presence, and compassion. Offered in an atmosphere of safety, authenticity, and mindfulness, the Dances help us to open ourselves to qualities that emerge and remember the interconnectedness and harmony of life.

More about the dance here: https://www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org/

This retreat will be led by a very experienced facilitator, Arjun Calero from Colombia, who has more than 20 years of experience holding dance circles in different countries of the world. Arjun lives in Atlantida Ecovillage, in the Andes of Colombia, a place he co-founded in 2003 with friends and family in order to fully embody the search for an alternative and restorative way of life on the planet.

He has worked for years with local native communities, youth groups, movements, and networks to build a better future. He is a senior mentor in the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) International Network and Sufi Guide in the S.R.I., and is very much involved in the native ceremonies and ancient wisdom of the Americas, serving as a medicine man and ceremonies conductor since 2003.

He is offering the sweat lodge and DUP as a “gift” (gift economy), and the ticket costs are only to cover the food catering and minmal costs of hosting. Donations are welcome to support Arjun’s work and the Peace and Permaculture Dojo (venue). 

Arjun also offered to lead a sweat lodge purification ceremony as a pre-event on October 13th, before the two day Dances of Universal Peace. 

10/13 (Friday) 13:00-20:00

10/14 (Saturday) 9:00-20:00
10/15 (Sunday) 9:00-18:00

Peace and Permaculture Dojo: Chiba Isumi-city Misaki Izawa 1026
10 minute walk from JR Sotobo-line Chojamachi station
*Google Maps will take you to the back of the property so please walk toward the cell-phone tower instead. We will send a map to you.

【Participation Cost】
*Please contact us if you would like to join but need financial assitance, as we would like all those interested to be able to attend while covering our own costs to host.

All tickets include a delicious local meal/s. You can stay at the farm house or camp for a donation (see below).

It is possible to attend just one day of the retreat but best to attend Saturday DUP before Sunday DUP as we hope to build on the previous day.

All three days, 5 meals (2 lunches, 3 dinners) ¥16500

Two days of DUP (2 lunches, 2 dinners) ¥12000

Sweat lodge (1 dinner) ¥4500

Saturday DUP (lunch and dinner) ¥6000 

Sunday DUP (lunch and dinner) ¥6000 

Tickets currently available until October 10th (for catering reasons)

Clothes that are easy to move in
Shoes that are easy to wear and remove (like sandles or crocs)
Change of clothes
Warm layers as it can get hot AND chilly
Favorite drink, snacks
Passion and curiosity
For those staying overnight, at the venue, sheets, pillow, toothbrush etc.

Peace and Permaculture Dojo

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