Jan. 25th Free lecture “INTERBEING”@Lakeland University

I will be doing a free lecture on Interbeing and some of my recent inspirations from my exploration of deep ecology and kincentric leadership program.


Why are we unable to solve the most pressing issues such as climate change, war, and ecological collapse? Why in such a digitally interconnected world, are so many people feeling isolated and depressed? What does it mean to live? Join us as Japan-based nonviolence and ecology activist Kai Sawyer explores these big questions drawing on his experiences with zen, systems thinking, permaculture, deep ecology, and Gandhian nonviolence.

You can join in-person or online.

This lecture will be held in-person on the 6th floor of Lakeland’s Ryogoku Campus and will be streamed via Zoom.

–If you are interested in joining us on Zoom, please fill out the attached Google Form and you will be sent an invitation to the Zoom meeting on the 25th, before the lecture time. (Please register by 5PM on the 25th  to insure that you are sent the link) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1O_GG8HnIKyeI7si3ESf-eCx5KwTi9KE6_aM_XVvs7bs/edit

–If you would like to join us in person, there is no need to register. Here is a link to directions to Lakeland’s Ryogoku Campus. https://luj.lakeland.edu/contact